Ultimate Guide to a Perfect Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Perfect Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Gone are the days when people had uncomfortable pictures of just the customary wedding happenings in a dusty old album that they very rarely see themselves. Couples today embrace their wedding glow and want to document every moment of their union. Pre Wedding Photography has become one such event, and they put in a lot of effort to capture a few perfect, dreamy images before their wedding. Here are a few questions that every to-be couple have about Pre Wedding Photoshoots –

In this blog, the experts at JSF will answer these questions for you. If you have any other questions, do feel free to contact us @ +7598681294

The Idea of a Pre Wedding Photoshoot

The reason people are buying into the idea of a Pre Wedding Photoshoot is simply because professional photographs on a wedding day is confined to just the day’s ceremonies. The couple do not have the liberty of posing in clothes they like, with only themselves. This nudges them to pick a Pre Wedding Photoshoot and get their couple portraits taken in a scenic location, in a professional setting. 

Let’s face it. You have nothing to wear.

We know, we know. We generally advice our clients to take as much care and effort to pick their Pre Wedding Photoshoot outfits as their wedding outfits. Matching colour pallets that will give your photographs life or contrast colour pallets that’ll make your photographs vibrant are choices that couples have. Choose accessories that go with your dresses, choose a dress that matches the setting of your photoshoot, and make sure that the dresses are comfortable, yet photogenic. You’re probably going to have to carry a couple of sets of outfits, change into them at a later point of the photoshoot and make more than just one set of photos all in the same outfit. Consider this example – You go to a beach, wear a mild, breezy outfit. Change into a pastel, bright coloured dress and walk up to a lush green place near by and take photos. Now you have two themes! 

Do you know a Spot?

If you’re picking a spot for the Pre Wedding Photography, here are a few. A studio, resort or a novel building that’ll lift the lighting of your photographs. Or go outdoors! Beaches, parks, farms or other places that are vibrant and vast to give your photographs the depth and some natural lighting. The point here is, pick a spot that’s not too crowded. If the spot you pick is always going to be crowded, then pick a time in which the spot is the least crowded in. This is to make sure that your photography session isn’t disturbed often, and to make you both feel a little more comfortable with posing. Exploit the golden hours of the day as much as possible if you’re shooting outside!

The cliché is Real when it comes to Pre-Wedding Photos

A good photograph is indeed a thousand words put together. Given this fact, people often use their Pre Wedding photographs for their invitations and e-invites. Today, a lot of couples run count downs for their weddings on social media as well. Having a bunch of professionally taken photographs in consistent themes can help those count downs as well! But these are just reasons, really. Real love needs no reason to get their photos taken, any time! So use the Pre Wedding session like a date where you have a bunch of photographers hanging out with you, taking gorgeous pictures of you and your loved one.

JSF to the Rescue!

It makes it easier for all parties involved to hire the same people for both your wedding and your Pre Wedding Photography shoots. This means consistent quality, same working style and better acquaintance. We at Josephin Studio F offer a package that includes almost all stages of the wedding, including the prewedding. If you’re looking for a professional photo house, then JSF is the place. Do get in touch with us, and we’ll get things done.

We hope that this was a complete guide to your Pre Wedding Photography session. If you’re still looking for ideas or have questions, drop them in and we’ll answer them for you!  Read our site Pre Wedding Shoots Photographers in Tirunelveli.

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