Post Wedding Shoots

Post Wedding Shoots

Wedding photoshoots are traditional. While the candid photographer does capture a lot of couple moments, it’s not until the newlyweds get their photos taken when they’re posing for them as a couple the function is over! This is a trend that’s taking weddings by storm, and for the good. This gives us photographers to show what we’re really good at - getting people to look at their absolute best, and feel confident with every photo we take!

We’ll teach you poses, don’t worry!

This is a fun celebration of the union of the couple, and we’ll want to bring that joy out of both the bride and the groom! We ask them to smile big smiles and hold hands, express their joy and capture these moments of magic. We have the classic post wedding photography poses, and we can even introduce props like cycles, use the surroundings and take the best possible pictures, the most natural and stunning you can look in your wedding costumes!

Cool pictures, for the coolest bride!

Yes, sir. We are on the bride’s side, and we’d even go to the lengths of taking solos of the bride, showing off the beautiful make up and their dream wedding costumes! From hairstyles to the special mehndi design, we’ll capture them beautifully. Do not worry, sister. We’ll document your post wedding glow perfectly.

Groomsmen & bridesmaid photography

We’re not leaving the groom unattended, no! We have a lot of weddings happening with a lot of friends supporting the groom and the bride. We will make sure that we come up with creative poses that you can act out with your gang and capture it for you, beautifully. Afterall, it’s the true friends that keep the josh up in functions.

How to book JSF as your post wedding photographer?

You can call us at +91 7598681294 or drop us an email at _________. Reach out to us on our social media DMs as well, and our representative from JSD will get in touch with us.

Post wedding photography - Why hire JSF?

Taking a few pictures after the wedding event is simply a way to remember not just the events of the day, but also to savor the post wedding joy. The couple will feel as though they’ve taken a breather from all the ceremony and commotion, and enjoy a little of their time off and pose in front of a camera. Bring coolers for the bride and groom, you’ll probably need those to pose!

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