Pre Wedding Photography

Save-The-Date stills

How gorgeous are the ‘Save-the-date’ announcements on social media these days? Pre-wedding photoshoots are not just a fun way of getting into the wedding groove, but also provide for beautiful invites and stunning ‘save-the-date’ wedding announcements. We at JosephinStudioF capture the zing and set the tone right for a happy, harmonious wedding!

Love is in the air, and we’ll capture it for you

Yes! We believe the best expressions come naturally. While we’ll ask you to strike poses, we’ll also be behind the lens capturing beautiful moments while the two of you take a stroll through the place just being yourself. Candid photography is about timing and capturing the authentic essence of that particular moment. We’ll do that for you.

Pick a scenic destination

Unlike a wedding that has a lot of customary influence on where it happens and how it happens, pre wedding photoshoots are liberating. So pick the perfect place or we’ll suggest you options! Make ‘the big announcement’ and share the news with you friends with a beautiful collage or a well-put video. We’ll help you with.

A short-film to cherish – your pre wedding video!

From JSF to you, this’ll be the perfect gift. We will discuss a storyboard with you, tell your story, shoot a video and present it to you beautifully. We’re sure our videos will last in your archives for years to come, and you’ll fondly cherish them. Clear, creative and simple videos that’ll make you smile every time you watch it together, that’s what we aim at providing.

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pre wedding photography packages.

What is pre wedding photography?

The trend is a little new, but it’s catching on quite fast! Couples get together for a photoshoot in a destination they like and use the images and videos from the shoot in their social media announcements, statuses and wedding invites. If you want your invites to be personal and carry an element that represents you as a couple, what better than a perfect image? Contact us at JSF and we’ll be your prewedding photographers!

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