Frequently Asked Questions

JSF is an end-to-end wedding photography partner. Starting from pre-wedding photoshoots to post-wedding and ceremonial shoots, we offer all services related to wedding photography.

Our crew size depends on your expectations and plans, really. Ideally, there’s a primary photographer and a secondary camera for photography and videos.

We do not charge if your wedding location is near where we’re setup, here at Nagercoil. Anywhere near there, you wouldn’t be asked to accommodate our travel but if you’re booking us for weddings out of the state or somewhere quite far, we will have to consider claiming it.

The earlier the better. We will be able to plan our other appointments around it, all the time. The business works purely on a first-come-first-serve basis.

While we have opinions on this practice, we are sure that the other team you’re trying to hire will also probably not be on-board with this. This is because each team has a different approach to work, and having multiple people that they do not personally know will become a little chaotic and might even take the attention away from the ceremony at times with different camera teams trying to work together. We can take care of both traditional and candid photography. We also offer end-to-end services, starting from pre-wedding photography to post-wedding photoshoots. So, we should be enough, and we say this with all our chests!

It depends on the duration and package of the hire. We will provide you with soft copies of 100-1000 photographs that you can download for a given time. Even after that if you needed to download the deliverables and wanted us to extend for how long it stays on the cloud, that’s okay for us. We recommend you make as many copies of it as you want, and store it on local devices like your computer or a hard disk. If you want us to do that for you and give it in a pendrive or a hard drive, we will do that as well but you will be asked to bear the price of the drives.

As far as videos and cinematic videos go, we can capture pre-wedding videos, wedding short films, and trailers and deliver them in video format as well. The duration of these videos and the exact amount of images can be customized, and the pricing for the same shall be kept affordable.

Our charges are customizable, so we’re not providing you with numbers upfront. The prices depend on your requirements and the type of photography you choose; but here’s the thing – we’re affordable and we don’t cut corners on quality. So trust us, get your custom quote.

If you have a smaller budget, we can work out all the services we’ll be able to provide within your budget. Since the amount of effort we put in is not going to change, we’ll only be able to negotiate on the services we provide, and not on the cost. Our quality is going to stay the same for anybody that books us, irrespective of our package and payments received. We hope you understand.

The general terms of the agreement are that you pay us 50% upfront, and the rest on the day of the shoot. We require that you pay the full amount of the job before we send you the deliverables. Failing to do so, we can invoke our right to withhold the deliverables until the payments are made.

We understand that it seems expensive when compared to traditional photography options. This is simply because of the effort that goes into creating these candid photographers and pre-wedding and wedding videos are a lot more. It takes a lot of effort to capture every happy face in a celebration to keep your precious memories intact. Starting from the decor to make, we cover every element that you’d carefully put together to plan your wedding and give it to in the form of a video. That’s why it costs; but here’s our promise – you would appreciate that you made this decision every time you watch it together.

Setting aside some time for the couple’s photography session after the ceremony is most definitely welcome! This post-wedding photoshoot can even be shot outdoors. While the groomsmen, bridesmaids, and both the families are welcome to join in and have a few pictures taken, this session works best for the newlyweds to get beautiful pictures taken of themselves in their marriage costume. 

Read more about post-wedding photoshoots and couple portraits here.

We’re professional photographers. This means that our work ethic demands that every moment of the ceremony, be it wedding or reception is captured in detail. This means taking photos even after we’ve exhausted the hours that we’d agreed on earlier. 

We trust our clients to accommodate this extra effort into their payment. We also avoid discussing payments and hours during the ceremony, so we believe that clients understand the worth of our time and how long we’ve worked. We also suggest that you hire us with a couple of buffer hours to spare. 

We do not deliver images without processing them. This means that we color correct your images in Adobe Lightroom, and make a few photoshop enhancements to a select few of your images. 

We are photographers by nature, and we do not indulge in full-fledged edits like background removal, adding or removing people, etc., We will process all your images, and we’ll deliver them only post-process.

We consider raw images unfinished business, and we do not generally share unfinished business. These raw images might often contain images that we do not consider for the final delivery or an album because of missed focus, photos with expressions of the people not being apt enough, and duplicate shots.

These raw photos are usually heavy on storage and they require software assistance to even open. Considering all these, we do not share unedited images. Trust us and our work, and we’ll deliver images and videos that’ll exceed your expectations! After edits, of course 🙂

We’ll be upfront about this. You probably saw our work on our social media handles or our website or somewhere online. This is our way of showing our work. While we will not use your images for commercial purposes, we will post a select few of them online. This is purely promotional.

If you do not want us to post material from your shoots online, our package rates might vary a little and you will have to pay us extra. This is simply because of the fact that we are losing potential clients that we could’ve reached out to promote our work; just like you! We are open to discussing the matter, but the price hikes can not be negotiated.

It does not take more than 8-10 weeks. From the date of the ceremony, we’re hooked on getting you the deliverables as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we do not cut corners with the quality of our work, and this means it’s going to take a little while. 

From editing the images and letting you select the photos that you want in the album, the initial stages of post-processing and approval take about a couple of weeks. Then we ask clients to choose from the different album options, layouts, and colors. We are open to two iterations and revisions, and after we’ve fixed all the deliverables, it’ll take us a couple of more weeks to design the album and get it delivered. 

These are general timelines, and not rules carved out in stone. In seasons where there are back-to-back weddings, this might take a little longer. We’ve also delivered albums and final videos to a lot of people sooner than agreed as well. We’ll keep you informed of the process, and you won’t feel left out until we’ve delivered services to your satisfaction. That’s our promise.

It’s fair that you think that way. I charge a bit higher than a lot of photographers. But a lot of others charge more than me. There’s no set price limit for the service, and there’s only a socially agreed industry standard. As a photography company, we at JSF set our prices purely based on the amount of effort we put into capturing your ceremony and the number of people the work involves. The quality of work and the quantity of our work both decide our pricing.

We do not encourage negotiating on the prices. It puts us in an uncomfortable spot. Here’s how we get around this usually – bring us a budget and we’ll tell you what all we’ll be able to do in the said budget! We say this again – every time you show someone your pictures, or every time you post them online, or even when you’re looking through them with your spouse after a few years – you’ll be happy that you decided to hire us. 

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