Five wonderful ways to announce your wedding with a pre-wedding photo shoot

Breaking the big news can be an exciting process. The story, the background, how it happened, who’s the lucky one and a lot of other questions are thrown at you, making you almost blush. We’re here to add to the excitement. Here are ways you can announce your wedding date and details in style. 

Send in personalized wedding cards

Instead of sending in generic invites that do not have a lot of personality in them while announcing your wedding to your circles, pictures keep your invites personal. While a piece of paper with your names on it might strike a cord to your closest people, you and spouse sending in an invite with a beautiful pre-wedding photograph will be relatable to everyone that knows you. Humans are visual beings, afterall.

A beautiful collage that tells a story

Take pictures at places that hold significance to you and your partner, and spin a story. Announce your wedding as it is, a beautiful tale of love. If you want to recreate a particular moment, at a particular place, the pre-wedding photoshoot is the best time to do it. Tell the story along with these pictures, and make people look forward to seeing you at your wedding.

Simple gestures go a long way

Send in pictures of yours with handwritten notes at the back of them. Write a memory you hold dearly with the person you’re inviting, and make them happy to be part of your wedding. Pre-wedding seasons are all about joy, afterall! Spread the cheer with stunning photographs, simple gestures and smiles.

Pre-wedding video: A beautiful trailer to the life ahead

This is one of the best crafts of JSF! We create beautiful trailers or short videos that people can share with their loved ones, and invite them over to the wedding. The pre-wedding videos are visually gorgeous, and people will likely never forget the way you announced your wedding. These well choreographed cinematic pieces are typically 30 seconds to a minute long, and are social media friendly 🙂

Say it out loud, for the people at the back!

Social media has helped us reach the farthest circles of their lives very easily. Announce the wedding to your digital world, and let people know that you’re head over heels in love with each other! Photos, videos, stories and reels, have fun with them all. We’re here to help you with the images and video. Our pre-wedding photoshoot package covers all of it, and if you’re looking for someone to help you announce your wedding in style, JSF is here to help you!

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