Josephinstudiof is the best for a Bridal Wedding Photoshoot in Nagercoil. We love beauty in all forms and believe every human being is beautiful. This founding belief makes us bring out the beauty of every bride and bridegroom we work for.


Bridal Wedding Photoshoot requires skills that are honed over the years of working with people, not just brides, and bridegrooms. It is an art that has to be learned over years of appreciation of the human form. It is a combination of portrait photography, the study of human expressions, combined with the art of bringing out the unseen qualities of people.



We are experts in Bridal Wedding Photoshoots in Nagercoil. We collaborate with the best bridal makeup professionals. And we understand their way of working, we study your face, your features, and your expressions, and we bring out the best in you.

Bridal Wedding Photoshoot is an Art Form

Bridal wedding photography is an art form and requires the photographer to understand and bring out the best in a session. Bridal wedding photography is not a casual approach and the subjects are most of the time aware of the shot being taken. This makes them a little bit wary and even difficult to get the right expressions and emotions. A mature photographer with years of experience and knowledge alone would be capable of bringing out the best in the subject. And we at Josephinstudiof are proud to say that we have brought out the best in countless brides and bridegrooms on their most important day of life.

Bridal photography requires a thorough understanding of the basics of make-up, human form, and behaviour, and how this affects photography. A deficient makeup can create immense trouble in getting the subject right. We at Josephinstudiosf with our years of experience are able to spot the difference immediately. This has ensured that we work with the make-up team as one of them.

At the same time, perfect make-up could also create bad photographs if the subject’s emotions and inner happiness are not right. We at Josephinstudiosf are professionals who would be able to ensure that everything is perfect when the shot is taken. The results show for themselves our ability to work as a team with the subject. This is the reason why we are the people to provide the best Bridal Wedding Photoshoot in Nagercoil.

In bridal photography, it is not enough if you have the best equipment and the most beautiful subjects. A thorough knowledge and understanding of the qualities of light, their effect on the subject, and how they can be used to advantage are extremely important. Our professionals are one of the best in lighting techniques and we ensure the photographs not only reflect your beauty but also attract the mind of everyone who sees it.

Over the years we have made it a point to learn, experiment, and perfect every aspect of Bridal Wedding Photography and we strive to create adorable pictures of each shot we take. This has placed us on top of others and ensured that we are the best Bridal Wedding Photoshoot in Nagercoil.

Our sheer love for the beauty of the human form and structure ensures that every aspect of beauty, natural and controlled is brought out in its true glory.

nature and the glory of all her elements, mixed with a candid approach gives you photographs that are more like fine art prints. We understand that memories are not just nostalgia and the sheer passion with which we approach our work ensures that our photography stirs the heart and soul of anyone who sees it. This is why we are one of the best for Bridal Wedding Photoshoot in Nagercoil.


Our technical expertise honed by years of experience, talent in photography, appreciation of lighting, the composition of a frame, and a very discrete approach are reflected in the photographs that will enthrall you over the years.

How to be beautiful – naturally
A proper healthy and nutritious diet is essential for not only a healthy life but also to look beautiful in all aspects. Take nutritional advice from a professional nutritionist way ahead and follow the same strictly. Apart from this some of the factors to consider are as follows.

Know your Wedding Season
The season and time of the year play a critical role in the make-up products and materials you use. Winter, Summer, day, and night all have different qualities and ways of affecting your make-up and if the wrong approach is chosen then the results can be quite bad. While speaking to the make-up artist ensure that they have understood this vital aspect.

Choose the products you will feel comfortable in
The lips, for example, are very important. Spend time trying out different shades before arriving at a decision. The same applies to all aspects of the face and quality time spent will be worthwhile.

Drink Lots of Water before the Big Day
This is a well-known fact but often ignored. Though this one beauty tip to follow all the time it is even more important as the wedding day approaches. Well Hydrated skin allows for the best application of makeup.

Have a make-up trial
Most makeup artists provide a bridal trial. We recommend that you use it as it is very important for both the make-up artist and you. This ensures that you know how you will look and gives you confidence in yourself.

Balance your Look
Every element of your face has its own character and they merge harmoniously to bring out a beautiful face. The approach of makeup for each one should be finely balanced in all aspects to bring out the best in you.

Keep the essentials handy at all times
Lipstick, blotting papers, pressed powder, and so on are to be kept handy at all times, but used with caution.

Make sure your Foundation Is a perfect match
Your foundation must be as close to your skin tone as possible. Since you will be photographed all day the last thing you want is for your face and neck to have different skin tones.

Use a good Teeth Whitener
A smile is forever. Your pearly teeth are to be a wonderful white and you should start using teeth whitening at least a few months before the big day.

Happy people make beautiful clients

Our customers are always happy. We ensure that with our professional approach, personal attention, and an understanding of you and your expectations. We don’t spare any effort in ensuring your happiness and satisfaction. Over the years we have built ourselves on the goodwill of our clients and their appreciation of our work, and trust in our attitude and approach.

Some Beautiful Reactions from our Clients

Gloria Selvaraj
Josephinstudiof made my inner beauty come out naturally in the photographs. They seem to know everything about getting the best out of their subject in bridal photography.

Reshma Srinivasan
Your advice well ahead of the bridal photoshoot made sure that I could plan nicely for following the tips of looking beautiful, both inward and outward. This resulted in beautiful portraits that were highly appreciated by all.

Akhil and Brinda
Thank you, guys, at Josephinstudiof! We never knew we looked so good too until we saw the photographs. Since then, we have been recommending you to everyone we came across. Your approach and attitude in getting the best out of us were just lovely.

Sushma Ravichandran
I was amazed at your work during my daughter’s wedding. Everything went like clockwork with you all and we had a very comfortable time as you people were doing your work. Of particular mention are the portraits of my daughter which totally brought her beauty to the fore. Thanks a lot.

Suresh Padmanabhan

We both knew each other for some time before the wedding and never realized that we also looked so good until we saw the photographs you all created during our wedding. Keep up the great work, and thanks for everything.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in your Bridal wedding photography package?

Right from coordinating with the make-up artist, and discussing with the costume designer, we get involved in everything for bridal photography. Our wedding package can include everything right from the betrothal to the post-wedding photography depending on what you opt for.

How much do you charge?

Our charges depend on the size and location of the wedding. We can meet you to discuss and provide some budget suggestions. Based on that we could take things forward

How many crew members will be on the assignment?

This depends, again, on the size and location of the wedding. But a minimum of 4 people will be always there.

How do you charge for travel?

The charges for travel will depend on the location of the wedding. For local wedding in Nagercoil we do not charge anything.

How much time do you need to plan for the assignment?

The sooner the better, since we need time to plan our schedule and understand each and every aspect to make things work out nicely.

What are the different things you deliver?

It all depends on the package. We can provide everything – prints, digital copies, framed pictures, albums, video film on media, and prints on exotic material.

What are your usual payment terms?

The general terms of the agreement are 50% in advance, travel expenses in advance, and the balance on location as the shoot progresses.

Do you give all the images you shoot?

No, we select, edit, and give only the pictures that are truly wonderful.

How long will it take to deliver the final photographs and film?

We take 8-10 weeks from the wedding date to deliver. We need this time for selecting, editing, and getting your initial approval before we deliver. A photo Album will take 2 more weeks from then to deliver.

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