Wedding Photography

We, the wedding photographers!

We are the JosephinStudioF, and we’re the best wedding photographers, and we operate out of south Tamil Nadu. From wedding event photography to film making, we capture magic happening throughout your every ceremony. From state-of-the-art equipment to patient and experienced professionals, the JosephinStudioF offers you the ultimate festive photography experience.

Wedding photos that’ll take you back to the ceremony, every time

Our imagery and the little Spidey-sense that we carry help us capture the perfect moments, throughout the day. We dabble between being the traditional photographers capturing the ceremony and the stage, and also the elements of the wedding, the bride and groom. We capture personal, picturesque images. Quite literally.

The whole day, documented like poetry

JSF treats every wedding like a whole movie. From when the groom and bride get their makeup on to introducing you as you enter the stage, to the grand ceremony to meets and greets, we will pick glorious moments from throughout the day to bring you the best wedding photos and cinematographed videos. Our equipment and professional experience will only make the experience better for you! The rest is all your magic.

Themes and traditions

Wedding photoshoots are no more just idle angles and planned photos. Weddings have evolved into theme weddings that are planned around a specific colour, a specific terrains or a place. Our photographers are attuned to the festive experience that they capture these themes and family traditions. We pick subtle cues, listen to requests and handle them professionally.

Contact us for tailor made
wedding photography packages.

We get that you’re looking for the best wedding photographers. We also know that there are a lot of options available as well. But talk to us, look at our portfolio and you’ll know that we’re one of the best out there. We do both traditional and candid wedding photography, and our stills range from make photography to groom and bride portraits.

Beautiful portraits of the bride and groom

The tradition of getting their portraits taken is one of the most important dreams a lot of couples have. Though they take a lot of photos with their families and guests, they do want a session for the two of them alone, and we at JSF understand this. So, we take time to take separate portraits of the groom, the bride and then the couple. These beautiful images will stand testimony to the wonderful wedding they had and would make a great image to be framed on the walls of their living room.

What is candid photography?

Candid photographs are caught naturally. The post isn’t planned, and the photos aren’t taken after giving the subject a warning; they’re simply captured at their most leisurely self. People are starting to like candid photography because these photos do not just remind people of the celebration, but take them there mentally. The JSF candid couple photography will surely surprise the bride and groom themselves by capturing their most beautiful moments.

How does a candid shoot work?

From pre wedding shoots to post wedding shoots, our JSF candid photographers have experience capturing every event and tradition in detail. Alongside our professional photographers that are capturing frames on the stage, our candid photographers will capture moments and guests off the stage as well. From the little ones running around to the elders blessing the couple, we will capture everything in detail.

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