Best Wedding Photographers in Tuticorin

JosephinStudioF takes Wedding Photography to the next level – expect the unexpected!

Best Wedding Photographers in Tuticorin takes special skills.  It involves understanding people, unstinted attention to rituals, and photographic techniques.

Pre-wedding, Wedding, Post-wedding, Portrait photography, wedding coverage, and a professionally scripted, edited, and graded Wedding Film makes Josephinstudiof one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Tuticorin.

We understand the importance of this once-in-a-lifetime event for you. We understand that a moment missed is a moment lost. We appreciate that these memories are forever. Josephinstudiof, one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Tuticorin, is a highly specialized wedding photography studio with loads of experience, the best of equipment, the latest technologies, and of course, the best photographers.

We understand that all weddings are different. Hindu, Christian, and Islamic weddings all have their own unique beauty and process to them. But more importantly within that, each wedding has to tell a different story. The story, character, lifestyle, and desires of the couples and the families are all different in their own way and we spend time with you to understand this well ahead.

Our Approach for Best Wedding Photographers in Tuticorin

It is not just shooting with the best equipment. It is about how we understand the couple and their families. It is about how we make them feel comfortable and how they forget we are around taking pictures. Candid photography is an important part of wedding photography for that is what adds delicate moments, humor, joy, and fun as you look back. 

We start interacting with the couple well ahead of the wedding, understand their passions and desires, spend time with them to plan, and most importantly understand them. We allow them to enjoy their wedding day, knowing well that we are there to capture all the moments and preserve them for a lifetime and for generations to come.

We understand that memories are not just nostalgia when you look back. They are part of your life, part of your family, and will be a part of your children’s lives as they grow up. This understanding ensures that our photography evokes an emotion inside the viewer. This is the essence of life that makes image-capturing an art, and we excel in it. This is the reason why we are one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Tuticorin.

We look at the fine details

Your hall decorations, wedding dress, and your beautiful looks can all look perfect on the day of the wedding, but it's the skillful shooting, expert lighting, thoughtful composition, and discrete approach that will shape your memories as you look back on your wedding photographs in the years to come.

Each and every guest, children at play, and elders in animated conversation all contribute to small snippets of interesting breaks. These are moments that can never be seen by people normally at a wedding. Our roving camera is constantly looking for these beautiful extra moments to add fine touches to the event.

Portrait photography is a critical part of wedding photography. Even the most beautiful people on earth can look ordinary if the photographer is not good at portrait photography. It is an art where we excel. Our portrait photographs reflect who you are, what you are, and what your heart desires. We ensure our photography brings out not just the beauty of the faces, but the inner beauty of the person itself.

We spend time constantly scouting for locations and have an endless list of superb locations that will not only go easy on your traveling and arrangements budget but provide you with unbelievable images. Locations are constantly used by all photographers. But our artistic view of them, angles, and composition ensure that each location looks like they have never been seen before. This will set your pre-wedding and post-wedding photographs apart and give them a feeling of warmth and happiness merged with stunning visuals.

We Create Wedding Stories

Each wedding has its own story. We love to capture it all, from the still moments of intimacy, the fleeting first kiss, the passing glances, the large embrace with the family, and more—all of which make for unique and lasting visual memories for you to experience again in the future. Before we start shooting with the cameras we sit down and write a story for the wedding film. A script is the essence of a cinematic approach to a wedding film. It is possible to build such a beautiful story and a crisp script only through the wonderful relationship we develop with the couple and their family members. Our team of video photographers has an approach different from the still photographers, yet we ensure both are in harmony in terms of mood, style, and approach.

We believe that every time you look at your wedding pictures you will remember us. For everyone who is getting into wedlock, you would recommend us. This simple understanding builds a relationship of trust and value between us. We ensure this through our approach, attitude, professional expertise, and quality of the images. Another reason why we are one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Tuticorin.

You are our clients forever

Best Wedding Photographers in Tuticorin


What services are included in your wedding photography package?

Josephinstudiof is a complete wedding photography studio. From pre-wedding photoshoots and weddings to post-wedding and ceremonial shoots, we provide all services related to wedding photography.

How much do you charge?

Our charges depend on your budget. According to the budget we offer service levels and packages. The prices depend on your requirements and the type of photography you choose. But let us assure you – We are affordable, and the charges do not compromise the quality of our work.

How many photographers do you deploy for a wedding?

Our crew size depends on your expectations and plans. Ideally, there is a primary photographer and a secondary photographer to handle photography and videos.

Do you charge for travel?

If the wedding is in Tuticorin, we do not charge for travel. But if it is outside, we do charge for travel and accommodation for the crew members.

How early should we book your services?

The earlier the better. We will be able to plan your wedding shoot better and interact to understand you and your expectations if there is more time.

Can we book another studio/photographer also to work separately for the wedding?

We do not advise this. We are sure that the other team you plan to hire will also not prefer it. This is because each team has a different approach toward work, and having multiple teams will become chaotic and upset the couple and make them uncomfortable. We assure you that once you come to us you will not need a second photographer/studio.

What do you deliver?

Depending on the duration and package of the hire, we will provide you with soft copies of 100-1000 photographs that you can download for a given time. After that, if you require more time to download the deliverables, we can extend the duration for a fixed period. We recommend you make as many copies of it as you want, and store them on local devices and online platforms. If copies have to be provided by us on a hard drive or pen drive, we provide the same at extra cost. Videos and wedding films are delivered online as part of the package or on a hard disk, on a chargeable basis, as per your requirements. A printed album is part of the package.

What are your payment terms?

The general terms of the agreement are 50% in advance, and the balance on the day of the shoot/immediately after the wedding.

Will you share all the images you shoot?

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How long will it take to deliver the final photographs and film?

We take 8-10 weeks from the wedding date to deliver. This time is for selecting, editing, and getting your initial approval before we deliver. A photo Album will take 2 more weeks from then to deliver.

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