5 pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas that’ll make people go aww.

Pre-wedding photoshoots are done with two things in mind – get a bunch of pictures that you can savor later, and use them to send in or post personalized marriage invites. A beautiful portrait of the bride and groom, or a candid photo of the couple in a scenic backdrop will serve as a good invitation prop. But, what to do in a pre-wedding photoshoot? What theme should you maintain? Well, here are five beautiful theme ideas! If you’re looking for someone to capture your pre-wedding photos, JSF is here for the rescue!

Recreating the magic moment

First meetings are always special. A lot of couples meet each other accidentally, or in a completely arranged setting, and often do not have the chance to get their pictures taken. A pre-wedding photoshoot is a wonderful opportunity to go down the memory lane and recreate that first meet, just the two of you. 

Scenic views and simply love

A destination wedding might be a distant dream, simply because of a lot of practical difficulties. However, the to-be-couple can get their pre-wedding photos taken in a destination that they like the most. So, pick a scenic location, dress up, and give us a call. We’ll be there with a camera to capture the most beautiful bride and groom, and their place of choice.

Breadcrumbs for people to pick up

Planning to release a set of images one after the other, everyday, to create a countdown on social media? Worry not, we’ve got you covered with one of the best ideas yet. Pick normal, everyday places that hold value to the both of you. Look for places and poses you’d want your photos taken in, and create a photo series that’ll tell both your stories, one frame at a time. If you’re willing to spend a couple of days and cover a bunch of places, we’ll promise you the most beautiful pre-wedding photos! 

Create your own world

Pre-wedding photoshoots are the antidote for what a completely formal ceremony weddings are. You do not have a lot of possibilities on a wedding stage, with a few hundred people watching you. A pre-wedding photoshoot is not like that. You want to ride a bicycle together? Done! You want pictures of you both dressed as superheroes, fighting crime? Done! Experiment, come up with fun ideas, and get them clicked and framed.

Get the gang together, and throw a party

This is one of the more recent trends. If you’ve invited your bridesmaids and groomsmen together to break the news to them, and if you have your friends with you, take a few pictures with them as well! Of course, we’d understand if you wanted just the two of you in your pre-wedding pictures, but imagine a bunch of people throwing the groom up in the air, and the women around the bride being shocked and laughing. Would be one hell of an image, and definitely a good way to celebrate with your friends and announce the big news to them! 

Pre-wedding photoshoots are beautiful, eccentric, and can be whatever you want. So, why wait? Call us, and we’ll discuss poses

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