Looking for the best wedding stage decor ideas? Here are a few!

The wedding decor is one of the most important pieces of a wedding. They are there to stay, and they’ll be part of every image that you take on the wedding day, almost. The stage decor must be stunning, yet only compliment your style. They should not dominate too much, but at the same time, they mustn’t look too dull. Here are a few stage decor ideas that’ll make your wedding stage look good and compliment you beautifully.

Floral decors – effervesce love in your wedding decorations.

From lilies to lotuses, flowers can make your weddings colorful, and sweet-smelling. Garlands are very customary in Indian weddings, and as a couple, your wedding stage can match your appearance, and complement everything from color to theme. Even if not the entire stage, stage decor art pieces are neatly arranged in different corners of the stage or the marriage hall.

Balloons, because they’re fun during and after the ceremony

Balloons come in all shapes and sizes! Just like love. Be very picky about balloons, though, a lot of them can make things a bit inconvenient on the stage floor. Choose the right color of balloons, and arrange them into nice patterns around the marriage hall and on the stage. These balloons are perfect for the images that we take during the ceremony, and can also be props for your post-wedding photoshoot!

Let nature shower blessings

Plants are a beautiful addition to the decor. Creepers, leaves, potted plants, bonsais, and a lot of other plants can be incorporated into your wedding stage decoration. This will make the colors of the stage pop out a little and will make the photos lively. Corners of the room made breezy with a few baby flowering plants can also serve as excellent companions when your guests want a selfie taken.

Festivities and lights

Of course, a majority of the celebrations take place early morning or after evenings. These are times when there’s not a lot of natural light, so you might need to think about the color of lights you’re planning to buy, and where you want the lights to be. Focus lights, serial lights, pleasant lights, neon bulbs, and party lights for the DJ session are all the choices you’ll have when you’re looking to put together an electrifying decor.

Drapes for days

There’ll be a lot of clothes in your decoration. They’re going to hang it up behind you, and build things on top of it. The color of the decor is very important, for it has to compliment the bride and groom, the lighting, and the other decoration props that you’re going to use. So use a material that’s visually appealing, and visually rich. Choose colors that’ll look best in photographs. 

We’ll help you pick wedding decorations that’ll look stunning in your wedding photographs and your photographers. Simply call and book us!

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